Xbox 720 (whatever)

Since i already made up my mind about this console. I have been hoping that their would be some kind of clear cut explanation about this. U still can tell that gamer are overall an open minded community and the choice i made is mine and mine to make.

I have gaming dvds/cds that i love dearly. They are pristine with no scratches because i have treasured them so much, getting a new console for me, would not be a problem.  The problem that i have with is with this new always on connectivity to play my games.

It as no consumer/ user benefit for this console to be an always on console. Microsoft. What are you doing?.  PS4 as the play station network that have been established now and even they are now appealing to me because i use to say Xbox is better. I feel betrayed. That is the reason i didn’t get the Kinect. You may say i have metal issue. I am just expressing my speech and my opinion. Who feels the same. let me know below.

Video Jesse Cox playthrough (Dead Space 2)

Español: Logotipo oficial del videojuego Dead ...

Español: Logotipo oficial del videojuego Dead Space. Propiedad de Electronic Arts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jesse decide to play dead space two after, he played a demo with dodger of dead space 3.

This is part 25 of his series. Decided to share this because it is pretty decent. Well, decent in caparison to some other terrible playthroughs that i have watched of this game. ” he is kinda funny too”

What is Bio Shock Doing!?

   VS     If you follow, or play Bioshock. Then you are  familiar with the characters. Now picture them in miniature size for both characters. These guys might have too much time on their hands.

They spent about a years, maybe more to develop a mini pack version of the game. Called Sack boy. I have not personally played the game as yet. Hope the time will become available for me to play soon. That way i can do a more in-depth review after playing. The Bioshock fans are do like the alternate reality stuff i tell you what. I can’t be too much of an hypocrite thou. That is what playing videos games are about anyways, the allure of getting away from reality to an alternate dimension where anyone can live a fantasy of adventure and emotional roller coaster in a controllable setting that is possible for you to get away from if it gets too intense.

Here are the characters of sack boy 

wartune freeplay

wartune freeplay click link try this game.                     

Do you enjoy playing adventure rpg?

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