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Why Disney Close down Lucas arts studios?

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The gaming universe is in a up roar, about the revelation that seemed inevitable since the Lucas arts franchise was purchase; Not too long ago by the Disney empire.

For this Gaming studio known for the games such as, the Monkey island series, The Indiana Jones based games, The game studio released many games in the Nineteen Nineties and seemed to have an amazing fan base.

Now that the studio is owned by Disney, They are slowly getting stripped down and causing the gamer world to react. Most of the game news entities already predicted that this was going to be the result since day one of the Disney ownership.
The most talked about is the Star Wars franchise that concerns everyone, since most people who new about the new game that was in development is now seeming to be scrapped and is no longer in development. The 1313 version on the star wars game was widely expected and some people wanted to be able to play that game. Now that expectation is shattered by this new development coming out from the Disney company closing of the Lucas arts studio.

Many developers are and employees of the studio may now be unemployed and looking for work. Now as a result of this move by Disney. Understandable because Disney is a business they will make business rescission that will affect many.
This could be also a good thing for the Lucas franchise now that license for developers are going to be available. A developer can still make the games that they want with the character from the Lucas franchise.

Hit man Absolution [series by RadBrad] exelent game play.

#Hit man Absolution [series by RadBrad playlist]

Hit man Absolution [series by RadBrad] exelent game play.

I used to do game plays that quickly got frustrating when i run into road blocks. I have found it helpful to visit YouTube for some play through/walkthroughs to help me get past the rough spots.

I have found many game plays that are worse than mine and don’t help me at all, until i found this gaming channel that plays the games that i play and plays them in a way that i can understand it to be helpful.  Radbrad plays a very competent play strategy that are helpful to me. This impression drove me to want to share my find on here, for all that want to enjoy watching good game play. If  you want to view more videos from from Brad. His channel link is

#Army Of Two [review, play through, intro]

Credits to RadBrad on YouTube for producing this first impression play through. It turns out that this eventual became a series in the making. so far brad have posted 5 play through of the game so far.

This is a visceral game and is a co-op game typically for playing with a friend. However can be played as a single player with a standard A.I.partner which allows you to still play as a co-op but with a computer generated player as your team mate.

Here is a intro. video of the opening section of the game.

Video Jesse Cox playthrough (Dead Space 2)

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Español: Logotipo oficial del videojuego Dead Space. Propiedad de Electronic Arts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jesse decide to play dead space two after, he played a demo with dodger of dead space 3.

This is part 25 of his series. Decided to share this because it is pretty decent. Well, decent in caparison to some other terrible playthroughs that i have watched of this game. ” he is kinda funny too”

What is Bio Shock Doing!?

   VS     If you follow, or play Bioshock. Then you are  familiar with the characters. Now picture them in miniature size for both characters. These guys might have too much time on their hands.

They spent about a years, maybe more to develop a mini pack version of the game. Called Sack boy. I have not personally played the game as yet. Hope the time will become available for me to play soon. That way i can do a more in-depth review after playing. The Bioshock fans are do like the alternate reality stuff i tell you what. I can’t be too much of an hypocrite thou. That is what playing videos games are about anyways, the allure of getting away from reality to an alternate dimension where anyone can live a fantasy of adventure and emotional roller coaster in a controllable setting that is possible for you to get away from if it gets too intense.

Here are the characters of sack boy