Injustice league

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

click it for your own domain do you think? This is just a discussion among gamer nerds. Because Batman is so popular as a super hero, the tittle that have been Superman’s for years as the best super hero for years. This tittle is now getting challenge because of the human association factor of Batman. Now these guys have watched many movies and read multiple comics.
As they talk about the supper hero lifetime comic event they bring back so much memories.
These three gamer talks of the game prediction for the battle royal. Injustice league, where the official contest and videos are posted for this league. Watch superman and batman battle it out for the popularity tittle. That is what this is, in a nutshell, celebrities discussing what celebrity super hero they admire and like. And who would win in an imaginary fight.

Superman all the way for me, Batman cannot flight to space on his own will.  Batman cannot breath in space without some kind of space suit, (Superman wins)

Batman knows many Kinds of martial arts possible master of some even unknown. He cannot fly up from the ground without strings and cables that can get broken (Superman wins)

Batman is smart and thinks like a boys scout always prepared for anything, Has a tool belt filled with tools and weapons,  Superman has ex-ray vision, laser beam, freeze ray, super human strength, and super human speed (superman wins)

Superman Picks up a Plane with his bare hands (superman wins)

Basically the only reasoning any person can have for saying that batman could win in this fight, is that he as a “side kick” . Kryptonite can only be found on  the Planet Krypton (Superman wins)

Batman could never win this battle, This fight is not even an equal match up.  Superman Fight enemies that threaten the earth and have super powers in most cases Superman is international and planetary. Batman never leaves Gotham City  (Superman wins)

If Batman should even be considered. It would be for other category other than fighting. Any person that put those two in a fight is like putting north Korean head-up with America. America wins ha therefore (superman wins)


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