What is Bio Shock Doing!?

   VS     If you follow, or play Bioshock. Then you are  familiar with the characters. Now picture them in miniature size for both characters. These guys might have too much time on their hands.

They spent about a years, maybe more to develop a mini pack version of the game. Called Sack boy. I have not personally played the game as yet. Hope the time will become available for me to play soon. That way i can do a more in-depth review after playing. The Bioshock fans are do like the alternate reality stuff i tell you what. I can’t be too much of an hypocrite thou. That is what playing videos games are about anyways, the allure of getting away from reality to an alternate dimension where anyone can live a fantasy of adventure and emotional roller coaster in a controllable setting that is possible for you to get away from if it gets too intense.

Here are the characters of sack boy 


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